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Zaklina Berrido Pisano – the most sensual grandma in the world!

Social media nowadays is about young influencers, beautiful models, their life style, travels, young way of living, however… Meet Zaklina, she’s a fashion blogger and a grandma, and she is ¨smoking¨.

Without a wrinkle in sight and with her keen eye for trends it is hard to believe that Zaklina would be a mother let alone a grandmother. She is a passionate fashion blogger and says she picked up her fashion tips from living in various countries such as Switzerland, France and Poland.



Zaklina is originally from Belgrade in Serbia, and has conquered social media with her shots and tags  #grandmotherthatlovesfashion, where she appears in fashionable outfits. Tall, slim and sensual, she looks like a model and does not exactly match the stereotype of the adorable grandmother with white hair trying preparing Sunday´s tortellini.

On the contrary, Zaklina publishes Instagram photos featuring a stunning physics, miniskirts and shorts. Even though, the woman is grandmother of two six and four year olds, Jana´s sons, 29 years old. Born in Serbia, she moved for love to Italy, marrying fellow countryman she called ¨Mr. Perfect¨.

¨I´m a grandmother all over and for everything. The family is my life: I taught them to swim, to ride and always say them: If something goes wrong, call your grandmother¨ – told Zaklina talking about her relationship with her grandchildren. ¨Being grandma is the thing that makes me prouder of my life. When my grandchildren call me this way, I dissolve myself. They call me ¨grandma¨ or ¨noni¨ and they give me daily lessons of life: they are my treasures.¨

But how is she always so perfect? Is there a secret becoming the most sensual grandmother in the world? Instagram´s star is all about nutrition and so much sport. ¨I eat so much fruit and drink so much water… I eat an avocado daily, I do not smoke and I do not drink alcohol. I feed myself with fish, seafood, meat and vegetables. ¨– Zaklina revealed. ¨Since I´m 10 I go at least 45 minutes a day to the gym. It is necessary to work out with a healthy diet. And, of course, I care for the soul…¨

She said: ‘My main goal is to inspire women to wake up their wild side.’

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