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Travelling: inspire your soul, train your brain

The world has never been more accessible than nowadays. From the Great Wall of China to the Galapagos Islands, from Himalayan peaks to the Caribbean, from the jungles of Borneo to the “Lost World” tepuis of Venezuela and from the Northern Lights to a total solar eclipse…


Travelling is becoming a new ¨drug¨ of our society – a drug that changes your life, inspires your soul, trains your brain, broadens your mind, opens the spectrum on new sensations… And it’s all scientifically proven:

¨Travelling gives you a new perspective on life¨

Observing how other cultures interact is the fastest way to make you more aware of the culture you came from. Things you previously took for granted are now put into perspective.

 ¨It increases your emotional stability¨

Instead of coming at changes in your day-to-day life with unease and angst, travelers are more open and willing to accept things that deviate from their standard routine.

¨Your brain gets stronger and faster when you’re speaking another language¨

Sure, you may not always be using this second language, but think about it like muscle memory — your brain and your body remember what you are capable of, and it brings you back to your strong powerhouse.

¨You’re more likely to fall in love out of your comfort zone¨

How much easier is it to fall in love when you are removed from your reality? You leave all of your worries and responsibilities at home while venturing off to new and exciting places. Life just seems better when we’re relaxed, so it would only make sense falling in love outside of your comfort zone is such a common occurrence.

Open yourselves to the new sensations, different vibes, lots of excitements, or even some romances. Remember that the best is yet to come… And yet to visit ():

  • Polar bears in Spitsbergen 


Journey to the high Arctic on this wildlife expedition around the island of Spitsbergen. Spot polar bears as they hunt or feed on a carcass. You’ll also see aerial displays by breeding seabirds and groups of walrus, as well as pods of ghostly white beluga whales. 

  • A husky tour in Finland


Explore the Finnish wilderness by snowmobile northwards from Kittila to the Norwegian border. This is followed by husky safari taking charge of your own team of four or five dogs, cooking over open fires and sleeping in a tent or wilderness cabin.

  • Motorbike across the Siberian wilderness 


A motorbike adventure around the world’s deepest lake (Baikal) offers wilderness, sacred lakes, shamans, dips in gin-clear rivers, camping on silent plains, wild hills and empty valleys – not to mention Buryat culture, banyas, thermal springs and amazing wildlife

  • Silk Route by train


Travel across windswept deserts and mountain ranges, savour aromatic spice bazaars and discover the secrets of the ancient Silk Road aboard the Orient Silk Road Express. You’ll see Bukhara, Samarkand, Shahrisabz, Almaty, Merv in Turkmenistan, the mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi in Kazakhstan

  • Tierra del Fuego, Argentina & Chile 


Outside the Polar regions, few places on Earth feel as remote as Tierra del Fuego. You can trek through the Torres del Paine National Park, encounter close-up the Perito Moreno Glacier in Los Glaciares National Park, take a boat trip on the Beagle Channel, and visit Ushuaia, the world’s most southerly city ending with a chance to dance the tango in Buenos Aires.

  • Total eclipse, United States


On August 21 2017, the path of a total solar eclipse passes over Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. To witness totality surrounded by the geysers, mudbaths, grizzly bears and the wildlife of Yellowstone will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

  • Northern Lights, Iceland


Iceland is renowned for its otherworldly illuminations, the Northern Lights being one remarkable example. They are generated in the upper atmosphere as it gets bombarded by electronically charged particles from the sun. They form what is known as ‘auroral belts’ around the geomagnetic poles and occur high above the Earth’s surface

  • The South Pole


You can fly from Cape Town to a luxury eco-pod camp from where you will be able to explore ice tunnels, visit an emperor penguin colony of 6,000 breeding pairs and their young, watch giant ice waves, kite-ski, abseil, climb nearby mountain peaks and visit local science bases. Your ultimate destination is the South Pole itself, landing at the Amundsen-Scott American science station.

Be open to the world and to whatever comes in your next life adventures! Live, love and travel.
The Uppers team