The Uppers

The Uppers – We are fans of inside vibes, not outside logos

We are a life style Brand that synthesizes urban smartness and design uniqueness. Highest quality silk materials, handcrafted finish, love and art in every detail.

The Uppers a fashion and life style brand created in early 2016. Currently is located in Valencia, Spain. Company funders work under an interesting concept, based on flat age society and collaborate with different designers that look inspiration in artworks, architecture, geometry and spirituality.

Each item is unique because The Uppers work only with limited editions. All techniques are based on the artisan details, highest quality materials and latest trends.

The Uppers create Street style for Flat Agers

We are big fans of flat agers. People who transmit energy, inspiration, vibes. Old? Never… It’s all about the attitude. Design the life, give pleasures for you. Do something exciting. Celebrate the life! We want people to celebrate life. It’s about transmitting vibes. Finally, everybody wants to be with the people that make us laugh.


Each item that we create is soaked with good energy and positive vibes. For us it means people, places, ideas, and possibilities that evoked positive, happy sensation. At the end each item is like an indicator of Good vibes. It’s a type of decision, positive encounter and sensations of grace…

The Uppers WOMEN is unpredictable, imaginative and just fabulous. Looking at woman who is self-confident, trendy and modish, one somehow thinks about her state of mind, not only what she’s wearing.


Spanish designed 100% silk twill woman scarf hand stitched. Rich shade of russet with a combination of art decó palms. Classic craftsmanship mixed with contemporary modern designs which will bring a new life to any look.

The Uppers MEN transmit coolness. The Uppers stylish designs accompany smart and active lifestyle.


Spanish designed cashmere scarf hand stitched. The piece comes with blue skies color geometrical Art Deco motives. This elegant scarf from The Uppers will give an excellent touch of refinement to men’s outfit.

It is a superb thing to see women and men of a certain age who wear chic, classy clothes, looking trendy and simply excellent. It shows people of all ages that they can wear beautiful clothes while feeling relaxed. It raises their confidence, coolness.  It’s a true enjoyment and that’s what fashion should be about.

We love fashion, we love beauty, life, passions and emotions, in every age, every sex, mix of ages, sexes. Whatever comes is welcome and will be accepted, celebrated… Finally life is a celebration!