The Uppers

The Uppers – The Secret printed on silk.

The Uppers collection is a fusion of art, handcrafted work, silk threads, ideas and dreams. The piece of  The Uppers is a masterpiece which we want you to bring with you as a symbol of freedom, creativity and true expression of yourself.

There is a secret which is known by very little people. The secret of acceptance and reflection of things that happen in lifetime. This is the awareness and discovery about true self, which is courageous, affectionate and passionate. This secret we want to reveal on our prints and waves of our silk accessories. We write the story and we write it on silk.

Where the prints come from

Before launch of the new collection there is a period dedicated to discussions and analysis of inspirations. Trends that will be next season, The Uppers client expectations and brands personality must be taken into account during all this process. Something impacting, creative and at the same time simple defines the style of The Uppers. In our last collection, to express emotions on silk we used symbols related to the beauty and grace of the wildlife. Faunistic illustrations represent certain qualities such as a speed of gazelles.

In parallel, it’s a meaning of vitality and passion for life we shall never loose.

Phytomorphic elements transformed to flowers and palm trees also lay on silk, representing Art Deco Fashion which was one of the major artistic influences of the 1920s and 30s and the looks endure today as some of the most popular styles ever. Past should not be forgotten, it’s something that represents the presence.

The Uppers – is a story of eternal feelings and ageless souls.

Palm Tree

We worked on this print for a long time, to create the best piece ever as a representation of creativity that every one of us carry inside. Creativity is characterized like a plant, in this case as a palm tree that grows when it’s nourished. We carry the seed, which might stay in the same stage all our life’s or grow into a Palm Tree by giving the grace to ourselves as well as beauty to others.

As the final result we created beautiful silk accessories collection, based on Palm leaves and The Uppers logo.


Collection has Cashmere and silk scarves for men that come in Blue Sky and Yellow Black colors. Prints are abstracts of geometrical lines that in nature represents rays. This concept deals with the union of fire and water.

Two seemingly opposite elements join together to create a phenomenal interaction. Have you ever had an idea or a problem and discover the answer to it? From ‘out of the blue’ something crops up and allows us to move forward. This is similar to the epiphany and this what these abstracts represent. Make a wish and leave university to deal with it.

After all, as a result we created a scarf for men, which comes in Sky Blue colors and is printed on highest quality cashmere and silk materials.

Handcrafted Silk & other details

After silk is printed, we take care of the perfect finish. All scarfs and bracelets are hand roll finished, what gives an additional value to the piece. Silk as a delicate material needs to be treated by human hands in order to achieve excellent results.

The Uppers is a call to be true to yourself, have power to find your own ways, doesn’t matter what others think or do, or who you want to be. It’s a story on silk, a story for liberty, tolerance, a story, telling about life that we all deserve for.