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The Uppers: The inner trip to yourself.

¨The higher we go, the wider our horizons become–and the bigger the challenge of looking beyond them¨ Yuri Milner, Founder of DST Global

Travel is a progress

In The Uppers we love writing about amazing travel destinations, where one can live incredible experiences, discover feelings that never felt before, reborn and renew. Beautiful destinations with crystalline waters, breathtaking views to the mountains or gourmet journeys to explore the culinary miracles. We believe that travel is one of the best remedies to evolution and progress of one’s mind.

There is no doubt that we progress while traveling and this makes us happier, at least for a short time, till once again we come back to our daily routine and cry: ¨I already forgot that I had vacation…¨ So we live boring, stressful, however you want to call this, life’s till vacation, which can be called ¨Happy Life¨, then we go back to our routines and the vicious cycle keeps on rolling. One can say that this is a normal cycle of life or these are the rules of life. We say – rules are made to be broken.

Rules are made to be broken

One day you go to the travel agency and on the vitrine you find a sign: Personalized travel package – Discover Yourself, early bookings – xxx euros only! You go inside, you get a travel pack and your life changes. It’s possible? Yes, everything depends only on you.

Everything happens for some reason and comes from some reason. Circumstances appear, adventures happen, people leave and come to our lives because we want it. We attract situations, dreams and fears. Many times we don’t realize how powerful our mind is and how powerful we are to be able to create those situations.


Life is a game, play it wisely…or not…

Some people say life is painful and not fair, some also say that life is a path where one learn how to deal with its inner demons, fears and is full of lessons to be learned. In any case we always look for something in order to find a balance in ourselves, inner piece, harmony, that final goal – happiness. But somehow it’s not the easiest thing to be reached. On that beautiful path that we are walking the journey or our lives, we find disappointments, betrayers, illnesses, losses and other obstacles that forces us to give a step back from our glorious happy life. Sometimes we see people on parallel paths that leave us behind. ¨Lucky bastard…¨- you say. And suddenly someone who is behind you makes you feel stronger. It’s it that life is a game? You create the outcomes, the type of the outcome depends on the size and the type of the EGO one has.

EGO and genuine self

One of the most deceptive aspects of the ego is that it generates powerful emotional reactions, and then blames us for how it made us feel.  The anger we react with comes from ego based beliefs of being right and “knowing better’ than someone else.  Perhaps there is also a victim interpretation of betrayal or injustice underneath.  After we overreact with anger we might feel badly for what we expressed.  The ego shifts to a “righteous self” that “knows better” and berates us for overreacting with anger.   At the same time, it assumes the identity of being the “stupid idiot” that didn’t know any better and takes the blame for overreacting.  All these attitudes, thoughts, and beliefs take place in the mind, and even though they are completely different, we assume all of them come from us.  (3)

If they really were expressions coming from our genuine self, they wouldn’t contradict, and we would be able to stop them. (3)

We have spent years building our ego self-images, living inside of them, and reinforcing them.  Extracting our genuine self out of this matrix of false beliefs will take more than a few days.  Yes, it will take a while… so what.  It also took a while to learn to read, do math, walk, and develop proficiency at any valuable skill.  Things worth doing take time and practice.  What better thing do you have to do than let go of what is causing you unhappiness? (3)

The Uppers is a lifestyle brand that promotes inner happiness and joy. We follow dreams and true beliefs that are born inside one’s mind by living every moment of life to its fullest.  

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