The Uppers

The Uppers: The art in silk accessories & Street Fashion

Did you notice that there is something exceptional about people who wear stylish silk accessories in their day to day life? Is it elegance, grace or class that they transmit? Silk scarf, pocket square, elegant tie gives a special touch of sophistication that makes other people turn around and say, or at leats think: wow.. this women or men has something that distinguishes him her from the multitudes.


Art Deco & The Uppers

One of our aims is to surprise you with original designs. We want The Uppers men and women to be unique. The philosphy of a openminded traveler, good life lover, passionate and spontanious spirit is transmited throug our prints and designs.

The Uppers Collection represents Art Deco abstractions that are found in nature as radiating light rays, aquatic fluids, undulating clouds. Faunistic illustrations represent certain qualities such as a speed of gazelles, beauty and grace of wildlife. Phytomorphic elements transformed to flowers and palm trees lay on silk. Prehispanic cultures from the Aztec, Mayan or Inca cultures are used and motifs inspired by the objects of the archaeological discoveries of Egypt, Mesopotamia, Viking, or African or Indian peoples.


Travel for life and let us to accompany you with our magical prints.

The art of wearing silk accessories

No doubts that the charm of the silk garment is transmited by the way you wear it. Our waredrobe might be replete with the most amazing scarves, but if we don’t have an idea how to take a benefit of it, they might stay there for ever. Manners of wearing the silk is an art, so lets discover the creative side of ourselves.


The Uppers inspires

Prepare for the fever of silk bracelets and chokers, because this will be the dashing trend of the year. Be adventurous by using a choker or a bracelet on your bag or even on your neck.


The Uppers silk bracelet will give a fancy look for your bag and will match colors and current designs of modern 2017 looks. Fashion blogger Zaklina Berrido Realfashionist  walks in the streets of Milan with the Silk Bracelet from the new The Uppers Collection.


Head turban is a king of sophisticanion and it will always be. A perfect examples is our apprechiated fashion blogger Inma Soria Coohuco wearing The Uppers silk scarf as a turban.


This year men are more elegant than ever

The image of elegant, well dressed men starts with the essentials as a pocket square, tie or a stylish bow tie. For men’s wardrobe this year The Uppers offers very special Ties and Bow ties that come in two models and print designs. Smart, daring and adventurous at the same time, this is The Uppers Men.


Butterfly Mustard Silk Bow Tie from The Uppers


The collection contains Cashmere scarves that come in Blue Sky and Yellow Black colors.

Art Deco Blue Skies Cachemere Scarf from The Uppers


New The Uppers Men&Women Collection consists of exclusive silk accessories. Colors, models, designs and sizes are carefully chosen to meet your expectations.

Be creative, daring, and spontaneous! Choose your favorite in and don’t wait for the perfect moment, take the moment and make it perfect.


The Uppers team

The Uppers team invites you to collaborate.

Please write us with any suggestion or topic you might want us to release in our GOOD LIFE BLOG. We will be more than happy to vibe with you!