The Uppers

The Uppers: Terms and Conditions of relationship


Are we meant to be monogamous?

There are many societies and communities through the world that decide on out of monogamy, and practice alternatives such as polyandry, polygyny, polyamory, and open relationships, showing that the idea that two people must be solely together is socially constructed.

Humans did not evolve to be a sexually monogamous species, which is demonstrated by the fact that we rarely only have one sexual partner for our whole life. Obviously we have sex not just for procreation, and our desire for experimenting is far too great to limit ourselves to one sexual partner in our lives. Do we have to be monogamous or polyamorous? We have desires headed for both, but our culture dictates our definitive decisions.


Non-standard lifestyle

The truth is that naturally we aren’t designed for monogamy and it’s more the issue of recent societal creation. Society imposes standards and those standards not support multiple sex partners or non-monogamy lifestyle.  

Where respect for a partner and cheating on the relationship crosses the limit, perhaps just we decide on that.


Terms and Conditions

“A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving.” ~ Lao Tzu

Let’s be true to ourselves, unconditional love is something that we need to learn and practice in our everyday life. Let you partner breathe! What do you expect from him/her? To be him as you want? Then clone yourself and live happily ever. If a couple want to experience better relationships, we must be very aware of our expectations.


Toxic emotional, physical, quality of life expectations

Kind, but not too caring, gentle, practical with money, but not stingy… Successful but not greedy, good sense of humor, perfect smile, and of course good looking and well positioned in the society.  Are we aware what we are wishing? We forget to expect fidelity, commitment, respect, and many basics that quite frankly shouldn’t even be expectations. Do we leave some space for spontaneous experiences that come naturally?


There is definitely nothing wrong with expecting a good and decent life for yourself. There is however something wrong when we have expectations that are not realistic. Expectations that come from our fears, limits and created standards of life. There is nothing worse than rely your happiness on somebodies shoulders.  Share your happiness, live your dreams together but don’t limit each other. And don’t forget that not discussing what you expect out of a relationship is a guaranteed one-way ticket to catastrophe.

Where are our limits?

At the end, we should be able to live and love spontaneously and at liberty. No society morals and canons must dictate who we are and what we are comfortable doing.  


Will you dare to change your standard way of thinking?