The Uppers

The Uppers: Street style worldwide.

The Uppers is diversity, longevity and passion. People that belong to the flat age society constantly look for something exciting and diverse in their look. That’s the way the flat agers are, always ready for an adventure, passionate for a good life and unquestionably stylish.


Be ready to whatever comes next – latest street style tips from all over the world.

Tokyo – ALL START fever

The ALL STAR has a universal appeal that can match any look, and can be worn regardless of age or sex. This year is the 100thanniversary of the All Star. From now on, it will continue to have a strong presence in street style. [2]


In street fashion, though it can be said more and more people are wearing leather boots, sneakers are still as big a trend as before. Starting from the instigator of the boom, the New Balance sneakers, and changing to the stylish Nikes and sporty Adidas, the current classic of the classic shoes, Converse, are gathering popularity. Particularly of course, the amount of people wearing ALL STAR’s is extremely high. Subsequently are the Converse JACK PURCELL and One Star sneakers. Last year, Converse stores opened in Harajuku Cat Street and NEWoMan in Shinjuku and became a topic, but there are also collaborations happening one after the other, with popular apparel brands like WACKO MARIA and ANREALAGE. [2]


No need to worry if sneakers can make your appearance too informal. Nowadays ALL STARS, silk scarf, pocket square or silk bow tie, altogether, create a sophisticated and chic look.  

Los Angeles – big hoops fever

Oversized hoop earrings for a cool hipster look, that’s what now street style in LA is about.  


First of all, making the hoops your statement piece will definitely bring a certain attitude and attention to your outfit. Also, make sure to bring out and rock your favorite silk scarf to complete a very cool hipster style. In addition to your silk scarf you can style your hair in a way that will show your newbies hanging from the ears.


Sydney – chokers fever

It’s absolutely still about the chokers in Sydney. Chokers are getting more refined and sophisticated. No mater you wear Converse or high standing high heels, silk choker will give a touch of differentiation to your look.

Art Deco Palm
print silk choker from The Uppers was created to accompany you in the most adventurous moments of your life.

London – Fishnets fever

In London, the stocking trend so often associated with ’50s pin-ups and ’70s punks is back. But this time, as U.K.-based fashion photographer Holly McGlynn points out, they’re popping up in the form of socks and being worn with almost every type of shoe imaginable.


“Loafers, trainers, open-toe platforms—the list goes on and on,” she explains. To really nail the look, McGlynn recommends leaving “a gap between the end of your hem and the top of the sock.” 5


And the last tip – enjoy what you wear and wear what makes you feel good. The Uppers, with its silk accessories will always be with you in the biggest adventures of your life. Be open to whatever comes next.