The Uppers

The Uppers: Russian dolls, Blini with Caviar and fashion on the streets of Moscow.


¨Moscow is the city where if Marilyn Monroe should walk down the street with nothing on but shoes, people would stare at her feet first.¨ John Gunther

Think Russian street style is all about Muscovite darlings with oligarch-status high heels and leopard fur? Wrong. Let’s reset our minds and indulge into chic and sophisticated Russian fashion and urban life.


In Moscow, when going to dinner it’s highly recommended to dress chic. One can spend a whole day looking at the beautiful architecture of the Kremlin or at remarkable Russian men & women outfits. Gosha Rubchinskiy, Alexander Terekhov, Ulyana Sergeenko, Valentin Yudashkin are Russian designers with striking taste, where combination of traditional Russian styles and modernity makes an impeccable match. Classic and contemporary, two styles that play together when talking about fashion in Russia.

You won’t find sneakers much in Moscow, as people usually wear dress shoes, even though cycling has become more and more common and chic in Russian cities, what earlier was considered as transport for people who likely couldn’t afford a car.


Preferred accessory

We want to draw your special attention to the silk scarves. Do you think it’s considered as ¨Babushkas¨, rural country side women, attribute?  A scarf is a favorite accessory of Russian fashionistas, numerous street-style photographers and refined fashion bloggers.


Wool scarves for winter, elegant silk scarves for spring and summer. Men as well as women wear this versatile accessory to give charm and liven up any outfit. It’s timeless, classy, and chic and in Moscow everything is about chic.

And what about the City?

Moscow city has a tremendously vibrant pulse that beats in best night clubs, extravagant fashion designer shops, champagne and caviar bars, opera houses, theaters and art galleries. Moscow has it all!


Russia it’s not just about ¨Borsh¨, traditional beetroot soup, or blini, traditional pancakes. Moscow has a collection of most amazing restaurants and bars in the world. Go to White Rabbit restaurant to enjoy spectacular views of beautiful Moscow and creative cuisine of Chef Vladimir Mukhin, the vanguard of a new wave of young Russian culinary talents. Decoration represents Alice in Wonderland theme motives, so we guarantee you exciting and inspiring dinner time. Isn’t this a perfect place to bring the Hungry Sharks silk scarf from The Uppers with you?

Well, Vodka and Caviar of course

Since we are in Russia, vodka and caviar experience is a must. When I first time tried caviar with vodka, I was highly surprised how smooth it goes together and creates a sensory experience. Place the caviar beads on your tongue and let them rest there. Slowly breathe in and let the air roll across your palate, then pop the beads and let their flavors explode in your mouth.


When pairing caviar and vodka, served ice cold, vodka has a subtle flavor that allows the distinctive taste of caviar to conquer. Some of our favorite Vodkas include Beluga, Tsarskaya Gold, Leopold Silver Tree Small Batch Vodka, Jean Marc XO and Jewel of Russia Ultra. Vodka is an ideal palate cleanser when trying different varietals of caviar at the same time.

A fine selection of the most famous varieties of caviar: beluga, ossetra, and red salmon caviar. Served on blinis with sour cream. The Uppers suggest you visiting GUM, fabulous shopping center next to the red square, to live Vodka and Caviar experience.

Either you choose GUM or some other place, be sure that the experience itself is what matters!

Dasvidaniya and enjoy!

The Uppers from Russia with Love.