The Uppers

The Uppers reveal a secret of their textiles

The Uppers reveal a secret of their textiles. The king of all fabrics, ultimate in beauty and luxury, your Majesty, Silk, in front of you.

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When we think of silk, we think glamour and opulence. No other fabric can quite compare with its beauty, which is why it is used so often for formal gowns and other luxury garments.

The Uppers creations are made of the silk, produced by the Silkworm (Bombyx mori, Latin for “silkworm of the mulberry tree”). It is the larva or caterpillar of a moth from the family Bombicidae. About 2,000 to 3,000 cocoons are required to make a pound of silk. One pound of silk represents about 1,000 miles of filament. The shimmering appearance for which silk is prized comes from the fiber’s triangular prism-like structure which allows silk cloth to refract incoming light at different angles. Strong as steel in tensile strength, silk is the strongest natural fiber known to man.

“I grew up in the age of polyester. When I got to touch real silk, cotton and velvet, the feel of nonsynthetic fabrics blew me away. I know it’s important how clothing looks, but it’s equally important how it feels on your skin.” Colleen Atwood


Ties: For the man who is anxious to look well-dressed, the silk tie is must.

Silk is surprisingly easy to care for and will retain its beauty for years–in fact, that’s why silk is so often used in legacy and heirloom pieces that are passed down from generation to generation. It is a truly timeless textile, lending itself perfectly to a variety of uses–from casual, everyday clothing to cozy bedding, accessories, and even formal attire for those extra special occasions.

In The Uppers, silk scarves, bow ties and ties are made only of highest quality Twill silk. Twill – a dense fabric (double thread) with appearance of fine diagonal lines, very strong and soil resistant. What role plays the weight in silk textile? Momme – silk weight; a silk of 6 momme (mm) is very light; a silk of 22 mm is very heavy (suit weight). The Uppers scarves and other accessories determine momme between 10 and Fabric weave helps determine such characteristics as strength and durability of the fabric as well as beauty. Since silk is so strong naturally, less durable weaves may be used to achieve a particular look not capable in other fabrics.


It takes a lot of effort to turn a single silk thread into the beautiful fabrics and garments. Give yourself a treat and enjoy wearing The Uppers silk accessories.