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The Uppers: New Year – one more opportunity for a better life

How many times have you heard all those stories about the New Year goals and a ‘new me’? ‘From the 1st of January I will start to work-out every day, I will be more patient, I will start to save money, look for a better job, achieve all my goals, be stylish’… and so on.  It is brilliant if it actually works, but what if it’s nothing else than one big lie?

December is a month of hope, joy, happiness and celebrations, everybody wants to be kind to each other and it seems like we put the pink glasses on in order to live this fairy tale that life offers us. It is really fun while it lasts, but what happens when it’s all over?

The biggest fear of all is to look into the eyes of the real January of the new year and notice that it has been a week after the holiday and you have been to the gym literally once, the level of your patience is the same or even less than before, you are afraid to check your bank account and you are looking for strength to actually get to your work, not even thinking about what better work you could achieve. All of a sudden the magic disappears and ‘Hello real 2018! Happy New Year!’


1st step: Avoiding negativity

It might sound depressing, but negativity is around us every single day. It can be from something terrible that we hear on the news to a cranky colleague we meet at work, but the most important thing is to keep the balance and do not get involved in it. Once it gets you, it is really difficult to get rid of it, so keep your head high and be ready to workbecause nothing is achieved without effort, not even staying positive.

How to avoid negativity?

Literally skip all the negative media. It does not  matter if it’s the daily news or the public figure you dislike, just take it out of your life and don’t waste your time watching / reading it. When you have a free minute, instead of scrolling Facebook for the 8th time today, just look for an app that you can download in order to learn a new language – you never know where the life can take you, just imagine yourself ordering in a high class restaurant somewhere in Venezia in fluent Italian, your friends would be quite impressed, wouldn’t they?

Negativity in person

If it is easy to change a TV programme or unfollow someone on Instagram, the things get to a different level when we talk about someone who can be described as Miss or Mister Negativity. Funny enough, we can find them even between the members of our family and this is quite a thing. However, nothing is impossible and every person we have in our lives is there for a reason. Just be yourself and listen to yourself, educate yourself and do not listen to others when they are trying to paint everything in black. Ignore the negative talks and do not worry about the things that you cannot change.

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2nd step: Write down your goals and make plans

Your brain can adapt to the intentions you set, so if you write down your goals it will increase your commitment to them and you will have more chances of achieving them and gaining success. Life might be a very complicated thing, but sometimes it is easier than we think. If we won’t make plans and put our goals on paper, it will be the same as going to the supermarket without the list of what we really need to buy. We will get distracted with all the things that the supermarket can offer and we will end up coming home without the milk that we actually needed for those pancakes. It’s not the end of the world, but what if the miss the material for building our dreams because we got distracted with something less important in life? Ah, now you get the point?

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Goals for your body

Same as writing down your life goals should work with your body goals. First of all, choose what activity is the best for you, it might be meditation and yoga or fitness and bodybuilding but both of them need guidance and plan. Open your world and forget your age or weight, it is never too late and you can always start from the beginning, just know what you like and where you want to get, that’s it!

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3rd step: Put colours in your life

Remember that country that you have always wanted to visit or that orange dress that you wanted to buy? However, somebody told you that the country was boring and that dress was not for you. Go, book the flights right now and go for that dress! We only live once and if we want to experience something or wear it, nobody should talk us down or take us away from what we genuinely desire.

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Let’s talk about yellow

If you decide to paint the wall of your house and you want to keep the positive energy high – choose yellow. Even small details such as handbag, wallet, key holder or a bracelet count. The colour yellow can make us feel brighter and more positive. So, try bringing some yellow into your life and if a bouquet of yellow flowers to you is not an option, the Uppers can offer you a detail which definitely would brighten up even the darkest black outfit:

Dears, it really does not matter which year we have just entered and how did it start, what matters is that every day can be a new beginning of something fresh, exciting and challenging! Be positive and be ready, may this year bring good vibes and love for live!

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