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The Uppers: Lifestyle Guru Gianluca Vacchi

After reading this article you can either love him or hate him but one or the other way, he will still stay on your mind.

This adventurous megastar captured the attention of the world with his wild dancing on Instagram. Together with his young girlfriend Giorgia Gabriele they made a spectacular show, where passions of latin dances heated even more on a hot summer day.

Gianluca and Giorgia

Gianluca Vacchi and Giorgia Gabriele are seen together everywhere. Be it dancing, traveling, or partying, Vacchi and Gabriele are nearly inseparable. But surprisingly, Gabriele is still just Vacchi’s girlfriend. The two have had a pseudo-engagement but they still have not made any public plans for a marriage.

What Giorgia likes about her couple: ¨ Simplicity and knowing how to appreciate little things. Giving the right value to everything. His lifestyle, positivity broadcasting. And education … Maybe even the athletic movements, charm and charisma. ¨

Giorgia admits that Vacchi’s money is important to her, although she is proud of making money herself.

Where does all the money come from?

Most of his money comes from inheritance. In the 60s, his father founded a mega-corporation called IMA. The company, which is currently worth more than $2 billion, according to The Squander, is a conglomerate that has brands in food production, pharmaceuticals, and vehicles. The Squander estimates that Vacchi is now worth around 400 million Euros, which is around $450 million US.

We have to admit that some people are just lucky in this life. In this case Gianluca is an expert of a fortunate life.

Happy Lifestyle

Gianluca is branding his lifestyle as many people do on Instagram. In his social media you can see him living a life that people dream of. Yachts, fancy cars and private jets are places where most of those pictures are done. But there is something special in the way he presents the life he lives.  

Alongside a video of him riding a jet ski while wearing a suit, he wrote: “In life it doesn’t matter what you drive, is how you drive it that makes the difference. Enjoy.”

How to stay young

He is almost 50 years old, and famous for dancing like an 18-year-old. Where is the secret? Exercises daily: This Italian playboy hits the gym almost every day! The perfect way to stay young and healthy.

Positive attitude and active life is a key factor to stay young and energetic. And Georgia, his wife if wayyy younger than Gianluca, what keeps you young they say…

In The Uppers we say that positive thinking brings good vibes and good vibes bring happiness to our lives.