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The Uppers Lifestyle: Ageless souls in ageless bodies

Going to the gym and working out is a topic which doesn’t leave anyone without saying something about it. Okay, some people might avoid to talk about it, but they definitely have an opinion and it doesn’t matter if we are talking about a gym bunny or a couch potato. In The Uppers we believe in freedom, happiness, good emotions, inspiration and positivity in every possible way. Everybody knows what is the best for them and the key is not in the perfectly toned body but the health, happiness and loving yourself, but if you have always wanted to get moving but could not find the way how, we hope this little article can give you what you need – motivation!

Jennifer Aniston credits her chilled, happy attitude to life and glowing skin to one woman – her best friend and yoga teacher Mandy Ingber. She...


‘’You are damned if you are thin and you are damned if you are too heavy. According to the press I have been both. It’s impossible to satisfy everyone and I suggest we stop trying.’’ – Jennifer Aniston

It’s never too late

A lot of people begin to workout or are involved in sports from the very young age. This way they learn things about their body and feel more comfortable being themselves not only from the outside but also from the inside. This is great, but what about those who have never did sports or stepped into the gym in their lives?

There are a lot of people, and it has nothing to do with their age, who are not happy with their bodies and think that it is too late to change it. This is not true! ‘’I am too old for this’’ should not even exist in your vocabulary. Face your fears, put aside your excuses and just go for it! We only live once and it is up to us to change what we don’t like. Just remember – do it for yourself!

La paz interior nos embellece día a día.


Know what you like, choose what you like and move how you like it!

According to the most popular personal trainers, the best way to improve your body and feel stronger and healthier is lifting weights combining it with cardio sessions. This is really cool and it definitely helps, but what if you don’t like it? Listen to yourself and find your own way into the healthier lifestyle! There are so many ways to workout! Be open to new things, try spinning class, body pump, aerobics, start classes of salsa or even tango! Check pilates or yoga, or just go for a run or a long walk and refresh your mind, because the best place for a healthy soul is the healthy body and it doesn’t really matter how you get yourself to move,  just do it!

Twyla Tharp


Fit inside out

You probably already know this man – Gianluca Vacchi is someone easy to remember. His dance moves put smiles on our faces and frankly it’s hard to take our eyes off his physique. However, his secret is not long hours spent at the gym but his inside spirit of somebody young, wild and free!

Gianluca Vacchi


‘’Run towards the target and never give up! Do always what you wanna do and not what others are expecting you to do! Life is yours!’’ – Gianluca Vacchi

Workout, eat, rest – repeat!

The 3 rule formula:

  1. Get yourself to move, every possible way counts, do it regularly and dedicate yourself to it.
  2. Eat proper food and it doesn’t have to be a piece of lettuce. Educate yourself, choose healthy and tasty rather than fast.
  3. Last but not least – get enough sleep, you need it as much as you need to breathe.

You are never too old to reinvent yourself! Get it started now! The Uppers wishes you to have a motivated week!