The Uppers

THE UPPERS: Let’s talk about us

Soviet Union and Life project

Both of us were born in Lithuania. In a year when the country belonged to officially called Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. In planned economy, where goods that reached the shops depended from the state plan. It was illegal to do business. There was no access to many books or other resources. Any humanitarian activity, like art or research, could draw the attention of KGB if it wasn’t perfectly aligned with ‘the Party way’.

None of us probably remember all peculiarities of The Soviet Union as our parents do, since they lived all the essence of it and we were touched just with the late union images.

New generation was born, with totally different concept of life. Freedom of word, actions and even feelings.


In our times, school and parental education was still unconsciously pulling us back to soviet antiquities. Narrow societal standards which define ¨right¨ norms of living, way of dressing and even the way of thinking were still in the air.

Nonetheless, our will of changes and new experiences was stronger than to follow established life cannons.

That’s how The Uppers project was born.

The Uppers

The Uppers – is some kind of euphoria. It’s the essence of emotion, motivation and stimulation. We don’t want people to take a wrong perception that it’s something superior, better than others. We always believed in an open society, without the need for age classification or rules attached to a phase or stage in life. For us the most important is to live every moment to its fullest and this is what we want our society members to perceive.



The name The Uppers by its self means stimulant and common physical side effects of “uppers” are:  increased heart rate, feeling “buzzed”. We want people to be buzzed with the emotions, live experiences that they desire. Break the barriers that society created and start living life to its fullest.

Flat Agers

Flat agers play very important role in our communication. Actually The Uppers was created based on the philosophy of the flat agers. We created not the just a brand, we create the whole society and grow the new generation. We are part of the Flat Age Society, a community in which every single person feels free to follow their own beliefs and by that is able to transmit these vibrations. This means to always be in balance with your own way of seeing life and the premise to live your emotions without limitations.

The Uppers is the community of “savoir-vivre”, there exist no millennials nor baby boomers, only people who want to exchange their desire to continue conquer new horizons.

The Uppers Communication

Communication style in our social media is very particular and special. Someway it might be unusual. In our blog you find posts about people as Maye Musk, Alessandro Manfredini, which inspire us. They look and feel beautiful from inside and outside and the age is not the limit for them.

Nudity and provocation accompanies our collection photoshoots. We want to put some fire by adding passion, desire and inspiration – key ingredients of our beautiful lives that we live.  Be passionate in whatever you do. It might be travelling, fashion, work, cooking or love. Find the love of your life and do it for real, either it will be loving yourself or loving others.

Why silk accessories

We create silk accessories and each of it has an exclusive art work, created by our designers. We believe that people are sensitive to art. The existence of art by itself is magical. When we see or create art, we connect to our deepest feelings. We transmit our believes, moods and passions. With the help of the art we can get lost in times that passed in futures that will come. We are not afraid or feeling frustrated. Its art, its free and we can do everything what we want while being creative.

If we would apply art in our day to day life, believe us, life would be wonderful. We invite you to join our Goodlife community and dream with no fear, because dreams come true!

And what’s next?

The Uppers is a brand and with each day it grows, gets shape and has more members who join our society. For us it’s a responsibility to meet their expectations, by creating high quality products that accompany in all life experiences. Our desire is to expand our product portfolio, what is essential in order to grow.

Sensual fragrances and apparel is something that our members can expect to come soonest. We are sure it’s going to be a great experience either for us either for you!

Be open to whatever comes next!