The Uppers

The Uppers: Let’s bring Pocket squares and silk Scarves into the streets!

Once you indulge into the city jungle, you can simply disappear between traffic lights, colorful Chinese restaurant window decorations, yellow taxis and skyscraper shades. Streets that have a pulse of life fascinate us with multiple choice attractions. For ones it might be fancy shops, extravagant restaurants and for others calm afternoon tea place or just a bench where you can sit and simply enjoy colorful crowd passing through. The true is that we love urban life and once we bring our men and women silk accessories into the streets, we feel like we are a part of a colorful and vibrating city life.

So… Get ready and open a triangle black box from The Uppers.

The Uppers Black box silk bracelet

Silk Pocket square – a perfect accessory for men who desire something vibrant in their style. It’s no surprise that we love our silk pocket squares here at The Uppers, though we understand that they’re not every guy’s martini Vesper, which is why we’ve worked pretty darn hard to come up with some exclusive styles and patterns and made them available to you over at the shop. Totally we released 3 different items consisting of varsity red, rich shade of ultramarine blue and chocolate brown. These shades seem like the perfect colours for  men accessories during the summer months.

The Uppers Silk Pocket square

The Uppers silk scarf – a perfect accessory for a trendy, modish and lively woman! The beauty of our silk scarves is that it allows you to add your own individual spin to any outfit without loosing a sense of formality on special occasions, and is guaranteed to set you apart from a sea of women wearing a simple dress or sophisticated suit.

The Uppers Silk scarf

But what we also love about this adventurous silk accessory is that you can actually pull of wearing a scarf in so many ways! Do Bandana Style, put it as a Turban. Make a silk Bracelet with our amazing golden ring! Have it as an Innovative Belt or enjoy it as The Accessory for Your Accessory.

The Uppers Silk Bag Accesory

The Uppers Silk Sarf

The Uppers always commits to elegance, excellence, for quality and exclusivity. All materials with the handcrafted finish, love and art in every detail. Intriguing designs were specially created to a classy, adventurous spirit women, who feels free to follow her own beliefs.

Create sensations and live emotions with our silk accessories which can all be found in the shop.

The Uppers Hungry Sharks Silk

Something exciting is in the air. True love, good vibes, inspiration, passion… You decide…