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The Uppers inspiration for October: Philippe Dumas’ large gray beard

Who told that only the youngsters can live their dreams and succeed when achieving the goals? Philippe Dumas reached his dream of being a model to become reality at his 60s. A 60-year-old male model based in Paris, is been making noise lately on the internet for his hip style and good looks.


With more than 30,000 Instagram followers at publish time, it seems that Dumas has a special spark; his career started with strangers stopping him on the street to comment on his fashion sense. So here goes the big question – who needs a fountain of youth when 60 looks this good?

Dumas´ life story

Dumas’ large gray beard and well-tailored suits have been welcomed with open arms by fashion gurus, garnering attention with headlines like, “This hot 60-year-old male model will remind you age is just a number.” It didn’t take long before companies started to notice. In just one year of modeling, he’s posed for perfume, jewelry, furniture and alcohol campaigns alike.


Before his career goals became a reality he spent 20 years working as a location unit manager for films before spending a further ten years in advertising. The success arrived to Dumas house just by surprise when one of his friends living in US informed him that he became one of the most mentioned and seen men in Reddit social network. Philippe didn’t really know about his presence there since it happened thanks to an unknown user that started this gray beard model carrier.

This user published Dumas photo by asking an opinion for other users about the late age modelling and this is how Philippe Dumas became a Reddit star and woke up so many passionate comments in the social network, afterwards leaded to his dream accomplishment. Currently he’s been collaborating with big worldwide known brands during this last year. Now he also has his representation agency.

The main style secret of Philippe Dumas

It´s is obvious that the USP of Philipe is his amazingly looking gray beard. Despite the fact he has no hair on his body, the beard grows very well. It makes him to catch the attention and be recognized by people. He says that it is not seldom that someone says to him to be seen ¨there¨ the other day… It actually makes him smile because most of the time they are right. 


Just like women take care of their hair, Philippe cherishes his beard. He always feels like touching or caressing it. Every morning he puts some scented oil on it to make it silky and smooth then he combs it for the oil to fully impregnate it. This way his beard gets a shiny look. After each meal he washes it to be sure it’s perfectly clean. Once in a while he uses a little mustache horn comb to straighten it.

Secret of late age success

What’s his secret of this late age success? “Cherish your memories,” he said. “But look at the future. Then you will be happy and won’t feel put aside.”  Dumas said it’s mostly about staying active physically — “I started ballet dancing five years ago. It is not very common to start at 55.” — he just stays active and involves mentally with the world around him. At 60 Philippe is competing with plenty of younger models in the fashion industry but he says that he feels no pressure to keep up.


This is another inspiring prove that the age is just a number and that there should be no limits when having a dream. Just let yourself vibe and be guided by your sensations and passions! Go where your heart tells you to go and enjoy the way, live the magic of the moment! Trust the vibes.
The Uppers wishes you this week to put the first step towards to your dream!