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The Uppers Inspiration: Diane Pernet and the beauty of black

’’Fashion is something you buy, and it has a sell-out date; style costs you nothing and is eternal.’’ – Diane Pernet


Diane Pernet (born in Washington DC, USA) is a former fashion designer and current fashion blogger/critic who lives in Paris. Ms. Pernet is known for her signature style of black layers, black shades, and a macabre black headdress often embellished with spider brooches. ‘Ready for Halloween!’ you might think, but her appearance is so much more than a crazy one night outfit… It has been her style for 30 years, to be more exact, and she is clearly killing it!


Lady in Black

Usually spotted in the front rows of the most important fashion shows in Paris, Ms. Pernet always sparkles in her rocking black outfits. When asked how long it takes to put her look together, her answer is short and quite unexpected – 15 minutes.

Long time ago, when Diane was a designer in New York for 13 years, she was wearing colours and prints in her collections. The reason of starting to wear black was born when she felt that her clothing was interfering with her designs, it was distracting.


’’As a designer, you have to be absolutely pure and never distracted by your own appearance. Black neutralizes.’’

Despite the fact that she quit designing and moved to Paris, she did not stop wearing black, it makes her feel powerful, she says. However, the people love to think that the main reason is the death of her first husband who died at the age of 30. Even in the city with a lot of diversity like Paris, Diane sometimes gets asked to what sect she belongs. ’You know I do a fashion film festival called ASVOFF [A Shaded View of Fashion], so I tell them, ‘I come from Asvovia. In Paris, people start humming the theme song from The Addams Family.’ – Diane laughs, this time making everyone believe, that what she said about being powerful is nothing but the truth.


Oh, mon-amour Paris!

Coming from the United States of America and conquering the dream of many – being a successful designer in NYC, Diane Pernet does not blink her eye answering if she does not regret leaving it. ‘Not for one second’ – she says, and her eyes lighten up when she talks about the local designers with whom she deals for clothes, about her favourite tea salon, where you can meet people such as  Emmanuelle SeignerRoman Polanski, and all of the Voguettes. It’s called Les Deux Abeilles. It’s on 189 rue de l’Université. The food is delicious and homemade. For Japanese, she loves Yen on 22 rue Saint-Benoît.


The answers of wisdom

What is love to you?
DP: Something that profoundly touches my heart and spirit.

What have you learned about life so far?
DP: That the best way to live life is to be true to yourself and not care what others think about you. Be free and carve your own path.


What do you love most about life?
DP: That each day we start all over again.

What surprised you or what did you discover about life that surprised you most?
DP: In a good way, the generosity of certain people that I hardly even knew. In a bad way, how egos can destroy.

What is a good friend?
DP: Someone that you know is always there for you no matter what, and doesn’t need to see or hear from you all the time to know you are there for them. Unconditional.

What is a good lover?
DP: Depends on what you mean, but it’s not applicable. After 4 husbands and 20 years of my life focused on my love life all I want is to be alone. So I have no interest in finding a lover, a husband or a life partner.

What is your philosophy today?
DP: Be free to do what you feel in your gut.

Interested? Find the full interview with Diane Perner here:



If you would be asked to choose one colour for your clothing that you will have to wear for at least 10 years, what would it be?

Feel free to dream, create and inspire! Live your black, red, violet or whatever life to its fullest and remember – always trust the vibes!

With (black) love,

The Uppers

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