The Uppers

The Uppers: How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?


The Uppers Society

Society for good life lovers, travelers, fashionistas and gourmets, where age does not count, limits doesn’t exist and attitude towards life is what truly matters. There is no young or old, here you live a moment and decide how intense, true and passionate it will be. Either you are doing an adventure of your life, creating an artwork, finding new love or simply celebrating your life.

The Identity, Aspiration for Fashion and Design

¨It is a superb thing to see women and men of a certain age who wear chic, classy clothes, looking trendy and simply excellent. It shows people of all ages that they can wear beautiful clothes and accessories while feeling relaxed. It raises their confidence, coolness.  It’s a true enjoyment and that’s what fashion should be about…¨ – Creative Designer, The Uppers.


All people have a sense of personal fashion, which is strongly connected to our philosophy, believes and identity. We believe that fashion and art always go together and is a part of our daily lives. Art stimulates our creativity, self-awareness and positive emotions.


Through the art, spaces where we work can stimulate our creativity, motivate us. Our home reflect our personalities, make us happy and feeling in harmony with ourselves. Art gives meaning for us as human beings. Creations are expressions of others and observing those we see the existence through their eyes. This improves communication and relationships between cultures, because there are no distance or language barriers in art, it is universal.

Silk prints of The Uppers transmit the genuine meaning of emotion and passion for life.

The Power, feel it for real

In nowadays modern society one of four Millennials say they don’t ever plan on getting married. People feel comfortable being alone or enjoying a relationship.

In The Uppers we believe in relationships where there is no before, no after, no nostalgia or anticipation of the futures. We live the moment to its fullest and trust the good vibes. We call it intellectual love, what brings genuine power to our lives.


In the societies we live in today, many things are not done the way they used to be done back in the days where technology was not present. Finding The Love of Your Life on Tinder Is Just as romantic as meeting them in real life. Scientific logarithm based app is getting a tremendous acceptance between modern internet users, so why wait and simply not to try now?

The Attitude, Bless devil-may-care
¨One should always be drunk. That’s all that matters… But with what? With wine, with poetry, or with virtue, as you chose. But get drunk.¨Charles Baudelaire


Now that the summer vacation are upon us, it’s not the destination that matters. It’s a sensation of unexpectedness, adventure and wonder that it brings.
Be ready to whatever comes next and celebrate the life, it’s never too late to start!