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The Uppers: Happiness is the new beautiful.

The essence of emotion, motivation and living the moment to its fullest is The Uppers. We believe in an open society, without the need for age classification or rules attached to a phase or stage in life. We believe in good vibes always and everywhere.

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It is said that happy people even look healthier and much more beautiful. Glowing skin, fit silhouette, stylish appearance, smile on the face is a state of mind and a lifestyle. So that means that we need to enter into the state of mind that will make us more beautiful and start living the lifestyle that will make us feel much better. We have to be conscious that the process might take some time and will consist of stages, because to improve we need to learn to be constant.

First stage is to recognize and admit that we need a change, admit that we want to become more beautiful. When we say more beautiful, we mean not only appearance. It’s a bunch of things that include relaxed, conscious and well-adjusted mind, balanced eating habits, healthy and rested body.

How to identify the necessity of change? There are indicators that you might recognize as soon as you pass through the list.  Here is the list of frequently repeated phrases of people who need change in their lifestyle and we classified it into A, B, C and D.  


  • I don’t have time to take care of my food habits.
  • I don’t have time to do sports, yoga, meditation, dancing.
  • I don’t have time to see my family as much as I want.
  • In general I don’t have time for myself, because I am too busy.


  • I feel upset, because there are many angry, annoying, bad people around me.
  • Situations that happen around me affect my and make me feel upset.
  • My boss doesn’t value my efforts, he simply doesn’t care.
  • People don’t value my efforts and what I do for them.
  • I am not sure if I like my work.
  • I am not sure if my wife/husband loves me.
  • My relationship doesn’t fulfill me.


  • I don’t sleep well and I am tired.
  • I have some health problems as stress, high blood pressure, headaches and overweight.
  • My skin doesn’t look the way I want it to look.
  • I don’t like my wardrobe and clothes that I wear.

D – Desire.

  • I want to be more energetic, younger, healthier, happier and more BEAUTIFUL! If this is what you want, start the journey to it.

Time is not our enemy

Let’s analyze the list in order to understand from where to begin. A column represents that we are very busy all the time. This word needs to disappear from our vocabulary. Busy means disorganized, busy is not knowing how to put priorities and how to manage our time. We put word busy against our wellbeing and suffer consequences listed in the C column.

B column represents confusion in how we manage our feelings and our relationships. A lack of knowledge about our inner ME. Do we really know well who lives inside us? Do we pay attention to our feelings, fears and needs? Do we work on this?  We know very well, or we just think that we know, our neighbors, our colleagues, our children, our husbands, wives. We perfectly know what they need in life and how to manage them, but we forget to analyze ourselves. So this leads to problems listed in column B and also to column C, blocking us from our desire D to be BEAUTIFUL.

Adjust your mind

Do Mindfulness, this amazing practice will help you to deal with all previously mentioned problems.

Mindfulness is the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us. When we’re mindful, we reduce stress, enhance performance, gain insight and aware ness through observing our own mind, and increase our attention to others’ well-being. Mindfulness meditation gives us a time in our lives when we can suspend judgment and unleash our natural curiosity about the workings of the mind, approaching our experience with warmth and kindness—to ourselves and others.

  • Anyone can do it.
  • It’s a way of living.  
  • It’s evidence-based.
  • It sparks innovation.

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Balance your body

Do macrobiotic diet, which will make your skin glow, your body fit and energetic.

In the macrobiotic diet, it is believed that if we eat foods that are whole, local and in season, our bodies will get the ideal yin and yang needed. It is also encouraged not to eat foods that are either too yin or too yang as it may disturb our inner balance. The perfect foods to consume are the ones which have a good yin/yang balance. Yin attracts disease; a body with too much yin energy is an ill body. Yang on the other way cures the disease but is interrelated with the Yin energy of the body. A balanced body is a healthy one.

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Other The Uppers tips to use daily in your life:

  • Be generous.
  • Be responsible and admit faults.
  • Discover life via personal experience.
  • Develop your intuition.
  • Be friendly.
  • Respect all living beings.
  • Be mindful of ecology.
  • Practice economy of life.
  • Have a sense of humor.
  • Practice self-reflection.
  • Perfect the art of living.


Do it step by step, don’t be anxious. Forget what is anxiety, rush, stress and start living the moment.