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A new experience – Good Vibes of The Uppers

The Uppers has been born out of our passion for life and good vibes are one of its most important pillars. It’s the essence of values to those who want to start enjoying the life they live. For this we need to stimulate and create beautiful mind, charged with good energy to its fullest, then it becomes a creative mind which can achieve incredible things.

Release yourself

The Uppers Society, a community in which every single person feels free to follow their own beliefs and by that is able to transmit these positive vibrations, this means to always be in balance with your own way of seeing life and the premise to live your emotions without limitations.


We believe that creativity is a very powerful tool, which is given to us in order to discover our own way of thinking and it comes only when we open our mind and let new ideas come. Probably if we would stop overthinking, overreacting, judging, life would be so much simpler and easier. Let’s not waste our precious time thinking what others might think about us and start creating our own story.

The Uppers silk prints are created to transmit positive energy and to accompany you in all your life experiences.

Believe in your skills

More than a half of our lifetime we spend on our self-realization. In other words it’s WORK. Work and live so you can experience and feel alive. Work so you have a skill and not feel bored. Make it to be Self-Realization, not a function. Work so that you can get nice clothes, travel, and tattoos if you want to. Work so you can get vacations and see the world.


We are free to choose any kind of self-realization we want to. Why not to choose something we are really good in?

Our outside is a reflection  

Our inner feelings are closely connected to our appearance. Self-love, appreciation, kindness and tolerance makes us beautiful and strong personalities, who appear self-confident from inside and outside.    

As we always say, details matter. The Uppers silk accessories are reflections of a good life philosophy, good vibrations and good emotions that we share in our day to day life. It’s a small reminder, meaning not to forget who we are and what values we spread.

Make happiness a priority

Have you heard that happiness is contagious? Radiating positive energy has to start with being happy yourself. Once you’re happy, it will naturally be passed on to others. Be kind, appreciate small things others give to you.

Give more than you receive. For this reason The Uppers is collaborating with Isabel Gemio foundation for rare diseases.  From each item sold we dedicate 5% as a gift for the funds of investigation.

One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things. – Henry Millers

You have a chance of making a Good life your destination, will you take it?

Have a wonderful day!

The Uppers team