The Uppers

The Uppers by Others

-¨It’s rare to see pictures of people caught in the throes of passion…Real emotions, real ages most times are hidden under standardized thinking barriers, human boredom… ¨

-Josep Alfaro (Photographer)-

-“The uppers campaign reveals pure passion… for life, emotions, the way of acting.”

-Josep Alfaro (Photographer)-

-“We are fans of inside vibes — not outside logos.. Highest quality materials, handcrafted finish, love and art in every detail…”

-Paola Herrerias (Designer)-

-¨It is fascinating to see how our public commits to elegance, excellence, for quality and exclusivity. They are at the forefront and know how to express their tastes in their clothes and show off their beauty despite any age standard. For them the style and class exceeds age limits. They are the best example of what the fashion is for me…¨

-Paola Herrerias (Designer)-

-“Looking at woman who is self-confident, trendy and modish, one somehow thinks about her state of mind, not only what she’s wearing…. This is a fabulous picture…¨

-Nacho Sanz (Stylist)-

-¨Being predictable and unimaginative, that’s the worst can happen to one … it’s so boring… Waste of time… Don’t you think? ¨

-Ana (Model)-

-¨I connected so well to the brand on a photoshoot… I was actually identifying myself with the philosophy of it and this was excellent sensation… Can somebody give me one more glass of champagne? (Sure…)¨

-Gustavo (Model)-

-¨What sensations I had on a photoshoot?¨ My God, I don’t know…Probably if Tania will lick my face for real or not… (Laughter) well, I felt that creators of the brand founded it for themselves… Seriously…” (Laughter again)

-Phil (Model)-

-¨The Upper´s woman is twisted, a bit perverse. She is going to tie you up and slap you around before she finally lets you have sex with her… ¨

-Sarune (Brand Developer)-

That’s how it is… Big thanks to all of you!