The Uppers

The Uppers: Autumn/Winter street style trends that will make your heart beat faster!

Want to get the best ride on the fashion wave? The Uppers will show you contemporary life with a colorful pulse, which will make an adrenaline rush into your blood.


Velvet, silk, single earrings, chic wristbands, colors and good emotions

This season you have everything to be noticed in the chaotic streets of your city. So be daring, discover the trends and get ready to rock an explosive silhouette.

Velvet is the highest in glamour and touch – the soft nap lending itself perfectly to wonderful apparel. It has an expressive smoothness, soft when touched and stunning to view, with a slight shine and the ability to keep you much warmer against in cold autumn/winter days. Wearing velvet, you will give a sensual shape to your body so its rich creations will be perfect for social events.


Chic wristbands – isn’t is fascinating to wear this classy accessory in the grey autumn boulevards? Though it’s not so frequently on the recent runways it will be a hit! To combine a chic outlook wear a colorful silk wristband from The Uppers.

Street Style RTW Fall 2016

Street Style RTW Fall 2016

Fearlessness is the slogan for the next season. Electro furs, couture red and glitter lurex from head to toe that ruled the runways in the fashion capitals. A shot of color on sharp shoulders, corseted waists, oversized streetwear and the puffy size that is gaining fashion ground.


Single earrings


This season you shouldn’t wear just long usual earrings. They have to be voluminous, made of metal, with certain weighting on ends. We highly recommend you to wear single earrings this season. At once edgy and easy to pull off, a lone earring has the ability to make anyone look unique and trendy.


Scarves – your best friends for autumn/winter season. Scarf trends 2017 will be marked mostly with the individuality. Uniqueness, your own sense of style and personality. This season carry a fur stole in hand or throw smoothness over your shoulder or tightly wrap your neck with colorful silk scarf.


Shapes and your outfit

Graphics, geometric lines and abstract shapes lay on this autumn/winter fabrics. It gives a modern and unique look for one’s outfit. Some of them are decorated with an Art deco design what is far more deeply etched on the public mind as symbolizing a mythical ideal of free, youthful gaiety, glamour, and sensuality.


Style that catches attention, fascinates and enchants forever. This is what we want you to feel from the essence. Be unique and create your combinations, trends and style.

Happy Tuesday readers and The Uppers people.