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The Uppers: Ageless beauty of Maye Musk


The Flat Age society

In The Uppers we are part of the Flat Age Society, a community in which every single person feels free to follow their own beliefs and by that is able to transmit these vibrations, year after year. In conclusion, this means to always be in balance with your own way of seeing life and the premise to live your emotions without limitations. Maye Musk is a great example of a person who lives the life to its fullest.


Maye Musk is a South African-Canadian model and dietician. Also the mother of Elon Musk, Kimbal Musk, and Tosca Musk, she has been a model for 50 years appearing on the covers of magazines including Time. The New York Post asserted her self-earned fame by declaring she is “a star in her own right.” She also has a business as a dietician. [2]

Musk was born in 1948 in Regina, Saskatchewan, a twin and one of five children. Her family moved to Pretoria, South Africa, in 1950. Her parents, Winnifred Josephine “Wyn” (Fletcher) and Joshua Norman Haldeman, were adventurous and flew the family around the world in a prop plane in 1952. For over 10 years the family would spend time roaming the Kalahari desert in search of its fabled Lost City. Their parents gave slide shows and talks about their journeys, “My parents were very famous, but they were never snobs,” Musk said. [2]


She has appeared on boxes of Special K cereal; in Revlon ads; a Beyoncé video; she appeared nude on the cover of Time magazine for a health issue; also nude on the cover of New York magazine in 2011 with a fake pregnant belly; she was on the cover of Elle Canada in 2012; and starred in advertisement campaigns for Target and Virgin America. In 2015, she was signed by IMG Models.[2]

50s is when you start living

She is the first to admit her popularity soared when, aged 60, she gave up trying to hide her age, ditching the hair dye to show off her white hair. [5]

‘When I was younger, I was mousey brown and started putting in highlights with each child,’ she says. ‘By the time I had my third baby, I was pretty much a blonde and I stayed that way until I was in my late 50s. ‘Looking back, letting my hair go natural was an amazing decision because I started getting major ad campaigns. I also signed with agencies in Europe and travelled to many different cities, which I loved. People would stop me in the street and say they loved my hair.’ [5]

I love to say, “At 68, I am only just beginning!”[6]


When people start telling you that you’re crazy, you just might be on to the most important innovation in your life – Larry Ellison

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