The Uppers

THE UPPERS: a trend of Slow Life

We are living the fast life, instead of the good life.

              ~ Carl Honoré, author of In Praise of Slowness


Enter the idea of slow, by which is meant spending the appropriate amount of time to truly engage with what one is doing. The concept of slow was first used to offer a contrast to fast food. Slow food means taking the time to prepare local and whole foods and savoring the time spent eating them. The term slow has since been extended to apply to all facets of life including travel, cities, sex, fashion and parenting. In general, slow living means living consciously with intent and in a way in which resources are not wasted. Instead, time and resources are used creatively and appropriately to meet what is essential and fulfilling.

The Slow Movement is a term describing a wide range of efforts taking place around the world that seek to connect us more meaningfully with others, with place, and with ourselves. By living slow we can experience various activities of our lives deeply satisfying, fulfilling and feeling the essence.

“Slow” eventually became shorthand for a philosophy and way of life that is now applied to many activities and aspects of life, or generally as Slow Living.

Carl Honoré has written and spoken extensively about the Slow Movement, most notably in his book In Praise of Slowness. He describes how slow has been adopted and adapted around the world. Here are some of the branches of the Slow Movement.


Slow Relationships and Sex

It’s about taking time to savor, deepen, and invigorate the important relationships in your life. Read above again and apply this in sex life as well.



Slow Exercise – combining working out with time in nature or time with friends.

Slow Hobbies – doing something that feeds your soul and helps the planet at the same time.

Slow Work

Be a craftsman at what you do, and do it in service to others.

“I think anybody who sets up a business sets it up with a purpose. I think just being in business itself, you’re almost definitely creating something to make a difference to other people’s lives. Otherwise, you won’t have a successful business.” – S I R R I C H A R D B R A N S O N , Founder of Virgin Group.

Slow Travel

Enjoy the journey, involve yourself into regional flavor, and restore your mind and body, and travel closer to home.


In The Uppers we suggest so many destinations where you can feed your soul with an amazing traveling experiences.

Slow Clothing

Pay attention to what you wear and choose quality garments that represent your personality and uniqueness. It’s not a coincidence that The Uppers silk accessories are created to accompany you in all experiences of your life. The Uppers is the essence of emotion, motivation and stimulation. It has been born out of our passion for life and the desire to offer something fresh and vibrant.

“The basic drive of the company should be the creation of a better world for future generations.” – L U C B E R T R A N D , C E O o f A C K E R M A N A & VAN HAAREN (AvH)


Slow Parenting & Slow Families

Finding ways for your children to experience the joys of free time, creativity, and deep engagement with life. Leave some place for spontaneity and imagination in day to day life.


Slow Education

Learn new skills that help you be more connected to your daily life: cooking, sewing, music, repairs, etc. and that help you to stretch and grow.

The list keeps growing and includes such things as Slow Bicycles, Slow Cinema, and some of our favorites: Slow Living, Slow Homes, Slow Design, and Slow Cities.

Slow Movement is not about doing things slowly. It is about finding the right speed with which to do something in a way that values quality over quantity, long term benefits over short term gains, and well–being of the many over the few. In the long run, many Slow Movement proponents would argue that slow can ultimately be faster, and certainly better, as we make decisions and act in ways that are more thoughtful and considerate than purely efficiency driven processes.


One thing that isn’t slow about the movement is its growth. The time for slow has arrived as people around the world look for ways to focus on the more rewarding intrinsic values of their lives.

Slow down, feel the essence and enjoy the good life!