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1. “When I wear a silk scarf, I never feel so definitely like a woman, a beautiful woman.” Audrey Hepburn When first frosty wind blows, there is nothing better as covering your head with something warm and of course, chic. Light silk scarf not only protects from wind, gives sophisticated look but also doesn’t smash your hair. Very important detail! We still remember terrific wet chicken look after

The Uppers philosophy - no before, no after, no nostalgia or anticipation of the futures… just a beauty of present which must be liven until its fullest. The Uppers Triangle -  not only an exquisite and unique way of presenting our products, but also a symbol of Intellect, Love, and Power, which works through Emotion, Feeling, and Thought… The Uppers is all about connecting our minds,

’’Fashion is something you buy, and it has a sell-out date; style costs you nothing and is eternal.’’ – Diane Pernet 1. Diane Pernet (born in Washington DC, USA) is a former fashion designer and current fashion blogger/critic who lives in Paris. Ms. Pernet is known for her signature style of black layers, black shades, and a macabre black headdress often embellished with spider brooches. ‘Ready for Halloween!’ you might think,

The essence of emotion, motivation and living the moment to its fullest is The Uppers. We believe in an open society, without the need for age classification or rules attached to a phase or stage in life. We believe in good vibes always and everywhere. Photo via lifestyle blogger COOHUCO #THEUPPERSSOCIETY It is said that happy people even look healthier and much more beautiful. Glowing skin, fit silhouette,