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TRUST THE VIBES – this is our slogan and this is what we deeply believe. That we should put no limits in our lives, that our emotions and sensations have to guide us, that our heart and soul never lie, just we should learn to listen them and read the signs that the life sends to us. That we should DARE TO DREAM. 1. This time we

Hot gift season officially arrived! Since it’s a season of gratefulness, appreciation and joy, let’s try not to go crazy, desperately trying to find gifts for our cherished ones. Choosing a gift it’s not easy, by the way, and might become like a scene from a horror movie. So where to find those unique gifts? 1. UPTOWN CHRISTMAS: LAST MINUTE MARKET VILNIUS, LITHUANIA First spot we recommend

Social media nowadays is about young influencers, beautiful models, their life style, travels, young way of living, however… Meet Zaklina, she's a fashion blogger and a grandma, and she is ¨smoking¨. Without a wrinkle in sight and with her keen eye for trends it is hard to believe that Zaklina would be a mother let alone a grandmother. She is a passionate fashion blogger and says she