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Scarf is one of the most popular accessories in the feminine outfits. It gives a personal touch to every outfit, especially when used in different ways. However, most of the time, we tend to use it on the neck, without realising that if we put it in our hair we will get incredible results.   

From The Uppers we want to give you recommendations of use for this summer so you can include the scarves in your hairstyles!

Bun with scarf

The simple and super comfy hairstyle for very hot days. Add a touch of style with the scarf of the colour that suits you the most.

The unisex scarves from The Uppers will be the perfect option for this look:

Bandanna with a bun

Bandanna is one of the items of the season, to go with a messy bun of the model in her Spring/Summer 2017 campaign.

The large scarves from The Uppers can be used as bandanna for your hairstyles:

Boho turban

Turban is another option for the use of this season! The key is to leave some loose locks of hair in the front in order to give a more relaxed look.

A colourful turban is also ideal to make a contrast to the minimalistic items such as the bikini in the photo.

The offers of your turban look from The Uppers:

High ribbon bun

The tendency of the top-knot with the scarf in shape of the ribbon is the perfect idea to combine the colours between your look and your hairstyle.

The multifunctional accessories from The Uppers that have the perfect shape for this type of hairstyles:

Try this ponytail with one bandanna…

Like Taylor Swift: bandanna with a messy ponytail

A classical and elegant option for windy days…

This hippie style of our ambassador Coohuco…

What is your favourite use? Share your looks with your favourite scarves with us!