The Uppers

Looking Sharp While Traveling the World

“With our new way of living and traveling your wardrobe has to be vastly different from our grandmother’s days when they took trunks and trunks to contain their clothes. If you travel extensively you need special clothes which do not take up too much room, which don’t crease too much and which don’t weigh too much…” Christian Dior

Traveling is a glamorous endeavor, going on a trip is always something special. However, dressing with a little style can heighten your experience, adding a bit of the charm into travel for you. You never know who you’re going to meet when you’re exploring a new location – a special someone, a new friend, or a potential business contact… you never know what opportunities will arise on your trip. When you’redressed sharp, you’re prepared to meet anyone and go anywhere…

While it may seem overwhelming to pack stylish clothes while also packing light, it need not be. The following advices are going to help you dress sharp while you’re living out of a suitcase:

– With travel clothes it is all about the fabric.  True travel clothes have fabric that is light weight, wrinkle free, and quick drying.

Jeans are the bane of any travelers existence. They take up huge amounts of space in our bags, they don’t dry quickly, and they’re not exactly versatile for the active traveler. Yet everybody needs a pair – the ones that are stylish, fit your body shape well (important!) and can pass for casual or fancy dress. If your outfit is done with purpose, and it’s obvious, nobody will say a word about the fact that what you’re wearing isn’t actually dressy, and you still get to look great.

Pack a Vest – this is a secret weapon. You know how girls have a little black dress (LBD) that they can wear for almost anything? The vest is the men’s equivalent. Vests use very little material, so they take up very little space in your bag, plus they can be paired with button-downs or t-shirts, jeans or dress pants, and almost anything in between.

– Watch out for what’s on your feet – stay comfy and still look good with some fashion-forward comfy shoe options. White sneakers can add polish to an otherwise casual travel outfit.

Leather pieces look dressy but can be comfortable for a long journey.

– Hide your messy hair with a stylish hat.

The last but not the least rule of The Uppers for looking stylish on your trips, whatever it is – holidays, weekend escape, business… – silk tie on your linen suit, silk bracelet with your jeans and t- shirt, head silk accessory with the summer dress, classy office look combined with the silky scarf on your neck – will be a ¨cherry on top¨.

While comfort when travelling is key, looking chic is essential, too. Bon voyage!