The Uppers

Is the age of love flat?

Do you feel the world shouting that the age doesn’t exist anymore? At The Uppers we insist that you should forget everything you thought about being old, or age, even. In the society of the future, age isn’t just a number – it’s flat. It’s all about the vibes, about the people that make you vibe. About living the moment, about feeling emotions.

So is it also totally flat when we talk about love and relations between 2 people?  Yes, it is. There are thousands of studies and articles trying to find the ¨ideal¨ age gap between partners: ¨4 Things to Consider When Dating With an Age Difference¨, ¨ What’s the perfect age gap for an ideal relationship?¨, ¨ How Does the Age Gap Between Partners Affect Their Survival?¨, ¨Age gap of four years is ideal for successful marriage¨… But don’t we all actually want to find our soulmates when talking about love? Don’t you think that the soul is ageless?

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Yes, there is another kind of love, when no intent to find a mate of your soul. ¨A short term love¨ – weekend love, summer love, one-night love… the one evoked from passion, sensations and intense emotions. Do you think only youngsters can live and love intensively? In an open society, there is no need for age classification or rules attached to a phase or stage in life. It is important to live every moment to its fullest, to love to its fullest.


“We have a lot of fun with the older woman stereotype! He calls me ‘cougar,’ ‘cradle robber,’ ‘old lady,’ and stuff like that. And I call him my ‘boy toy!'” she says. “He’s just plain great.” She says. ¨She’s the ying to my yang and all that jazz!” he says.

For us the age is nothing but a mind-set and so it is for love. Love doesn’t understand any gaps – race gaps, sex gaps nor age ones. So love, love now. Love strongly, intensively and unconditionally

Welcome to The Flat Age Society!