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Do you dare to dream?

TRUST THE VIBES – this is our slogan and this is what we deeply believe. That we should put no limits in our lives, that our emotions and sensations have to guide us, that our heart and soul never lie, just we should learn to listen them and read the signs that the life sends to us. That we should DARE TO DREAM.

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This time we would like to talk about one of very important issues that usually stops us to dream or just makes us blind and deaf for the words of destiny, god, universe… or whatever each of us believes in. This ¨little devil¨ is called – COMFORT ZONE.

How does it work?

If you ask yourself: “how would you like your future be?” You’ll easily answer: “I don’t know, I have no idea”, “What I do know is what I don’t want to have”. You would usually know what you like and dislike about your present and if you think about it you also realize what you like and dislike about your past. However there is more than likely the uncertainty about what do you want for your future will remain.

Usually we were taught from the young age all kind of knowledge but we are no taught to trust ourselves (oh, especially in our lovely communism times). Believe in yourself and having a clear idea what you want, might be branded by many as arrogance. It’s a pity because, in fact, the way to achieve your goals is to dream about what you want, to visualize it and then your mind and the universe will work to achieve it.

Comfort zone – this is the metaphorical area, when you move into an environment you controlled, unit things are familiar and comfortable to you, with their pleasant or not. For example: to be stuck in traffic everyday is to be within your comfort zone because that is what you know, your boss harping you in the office belongs to your comfort zone because that’s what you know. Having fun or fighting with your partner is your comfort zone because that’s what you know. Your habits, your routine, your skills, your knowledge, your attitude and your behavior are also part of your comfort zone.

Learning zone

Around your comfort zone is your learning zone – this is the area you live in order to expand your world view and you do it while learning new languages, traveling to unknown countries, having new experiences enriching your point of view, modifying your habits, getting to know other cultures… This is where we observe, experiment, compare, learn, enjoy. There are people who are passionate about this and so they regularly gravitate towards their learning zone. For others, however, it is a scary thing to do and, to avoid it, they will only move within their comfort zone, since leaving it –  it’s considered dangerous.

Beyond your learning zone is what we call the PANIC ZONE, NON EXPERIENCE ZONE or the zone of UNCONSCIOUSNESS, those, who doesn’t want to move around it, are usually the ones that never go out from the comfortable zone… Don’t go out will be terrible what if something goes wrong?! Well… but… what if I get it right?

Magic Zone <3  

The ladder is only set by those who believe that this area is actually the MAGIC ZONE, the area where magical things can happen to you, which you still don’t know because you haven’t been there. It´s the big challenge this zone. Some people believe that if they go to the magic zone they can’t turn back, that your comfort zone disappears, this is not true. Leaving means to broaden your comfort and learning zones change does not mean that you lose what you have. It means that you add, change… it is actually development, this might seem as being afraid of the unknown, but it is actually being afraid to lose, to lose what you have or even worse, losing who you are.

You are the star of your own life

Whatever you don´t decide, others will decide it for you. By properly managing your fears, your self-esteem will grow, and this will give you new opportunities.

You would then be able to better choose your objective, to have a clear idea of your dreams, to find out what motivates you. You will become aware of what you need to learn, it will be useful to recall your origins, your values, your principles and to reflect on your personal mission in life.

As soon as you transform your limiting prejudices and start trusting your dream, you will experience the joy of learning to pursue your dreams. You may initially feel hardly competent and vulnerable and think it’s risky, and it is OK. You don’t know everything, you are human after all. You were learning, congratulations! You’re moving forward towards your dream.



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