The Uppers

Cliché which is becoming a reality: You’re as young as you feel, young at heart…

¨We are big fans of flat agers.. People who transmit energy, inspiration, vibes. OLD? Never, no one. It’s all about your attitude. Design the life, give pleasures for you. Do something exciting… Celebrate the life! We want people to celebrate it. In the end, everybody wants to be with the people that make us laugh…”  Sarune and Lina (brand founders) told once when asked what The Uppers means to them.

IMG-20150810-WA0007Photo: The Uppers founders Lina and Sarune (Photo credit: personal album)

The Uppers brand and the whole philosophy is built by and for the Flat Age Society – the society with no age. It’s a subject laden with cliché. You’re as young as you feel, young at heart… These sayings, event being hackneyed, refer to an aspiration that is becoming a reality. People are living longer. They are retiring later – or not at all. They are healthier. And also they simply don’t look, act or feel old.

flat age societyPhoto: The Flat Age Society (Photo credit: Pinterest)

We loved an experiment made by AARP where they pose the question ¨What age do you consider to be old?¨ to millennials and ask them to show what ¨old¨ looks like. Then they introduce them some real ¨old¨ people… Watch what happens when people let go of their outdated beliefs and embrace the idea that aging is not about decline – it’s about growth:

The cult of youth is disappearing, replaced by a culture of agelessness, where people’s interests and activities don’t need to change just because of a number of their age. This isn’t about your grandparents going skydiving (which could also happen), however it’s about a mind change and opening – re-engagement, exploration and expertise can be re-interpreted and re-applied as many times as you wish, independently of your age or phase of life.

flat age society man

the flat age society woman

Photo: The Flat Age Society (Photo credit: Pinterest)

The flat agers are re-adventurers, who want to recapture the travel of their 20s, they are energetic, optimistic and entrepreneurial…. They love entertainment, go for romance and excitement. Always choosing sophistication and excellence. No limitations – they live every moment to its fullest and just trust the good vibes.

flat age society couplePhoto: The Flat Age Society (Photo credit: Pinterest)

They enjoy exhibiting their style and good taste. They are fashionistas and maintain immortal bodies. They are starting successful businesses even at their 60s, and drawing on vital tech and design for life to create a connected, intuitive lifestyle. Linda Rodin, Jessica Lange, Charlotte Rampling, Mick Jagger… aren’t they all inspiring and envyingly passionate for life?

linda rodin

Photo: Linda Rodin (Photo credit: Pinterest)

jessica lange

Photo: Jessica Lange (Photo credit: Pinterest)

Charlotte Rampling

Photo: Charlotte Rampling (photo credit: Pinterest)

Most of all, the Flat Agers want fun in their life. In this world – where Flat-Agers are a revving up rather than slowing down – the term ‘old’ is dead and gone. A new age is being born. Welcome to the Flat Age Society. The Uppers forms part of it, join us.