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[1] President Obama about Ellen DeGeneres "In a career spanning three decades, Ellen DeGeneres has lifted our spirits and brought joy to our lives as a stand-up comic, actor, and television star. In every role, she reminds us to be kind to one another, and to treat people as each of us wants to be treated. At a pivotal moment, her courage and candor helped change the hearts and minds of millions of Americans, accelerating our nation's constant drive for equality and acceptance for all. Again and again, Ellen DeGeneres has shown us that a single individual can make the world a more fun, more open, more loving place, so long as

[1] The Uppers: which neighborhood of New York are you? While visiting cities, most of the times we identify ourselves with neighborhoods or areas we like to be while staying in that city. We have our favorite coffee places, restaurants, shops, even people that we like to see while having a walk on the streets. The vibe of the neighborhood influences on our wellbeing and moods of the day. Can it be something more colorful than neighborhoods of New York? There is a fascinating diversity of people and areas in the City of New York. Which identifies you mostly? SoHo, Manhattan Designer boutiques, fancy chain stores and high-end art galleries make trendy

The Uppers collection is a fusion of art, handcrafted work, silk threads, ideas and dreams. The piece of  The Uppers is a masterpiece which we want you to bring with you as a symbol of freedom, creativity and true expression of yourself. There is a secret which is known by very little people. The secret of acceptance and reflection of things that happen in lifetime. This is the awareness and discovery about true self, which is courageous, affectionate and passionate. This secret we want to reveal on our prints and waves of our silk accessories. We write the story and we write it on silk. Where the prints come from Before launch