The Uppers

All about The Uppers philosophy and living your passions

Once we already talked about The Uppers initials – it all comes from our will of changes and new experiences … about our life project – The Uppers – our euphoria, emotions, motivation, us living the life to its fullest… and about the flat agers – a community in which every single person feels free to follow their own beliefs and by that is able to transmit good vibrations… Always being in balance with your own way of seeing life and the premise to live your emotions without limitations. (

This last we would like to talk about this time – about being in balance with yourself, good vibes and passion for life with no standard premises.

Communist ideology…

Our (Lina and Sarune – the founders) roots come from Soviet Union – planned economy, life plan for each according to the Party, no access to humanitarian activities, ¨right¨ norms of living…  and our parents actually lived as they were told to live as per the society standards – communist standards, soviet way. They were told the things that were ¨right¨ to do, way to behave and think, way to plan their lives, when and how many children two have, the right time to get married, what kind of job to look for… let’s say, it was justifiable by that time – communism time.

…or living your own way?

We also got this ¨right¨ education and were ¨taught¨ how to live.. but one day we felt that our passion for life, the will of following our own believes and the heart pulse –  just going where it says to go, listening to our passions, living every moment to its fullest – was stronger than the ¨voice¨ of our parental education and society standards. And this is what we do in The Uppers society – calling the people to follow their own dreams, put no limits or standard premises to their lives and just trust the vibes.

In the ¨standard¨ way of living you may not think, you just do what society taught you  – it’s easy and comfortable, of course – all is decided by others. But have you ever asked if it’s really YOUR way, your destiny? When you choose to go your path, and start listening your heart, go for your choices and not society standards – you take risks and may not always face or find there what you ¨wish¨, not always live comfortable situations, but… you are living YOUR WAY, your destiny… You are the one responsible of taking decisions, listening to your heart. Don’t you think it is amazing?

They say – Fight for your dreams and you will get it! However.. Are they really yours???

¨Don’t put your arms down and you will achieve it!¨.. Sure? Are you doing it because it’s the right way to do or its your real will? When the things are not going the way you wish and you have to fight hard for it, maybe you should actually put your arms down and start listening to your heart? Maybe the life is sending you signals that this way is not the right one?

Stop and think – what does your heart say, where is your real passion? Cause the life is smart – it might let you go once that ¨right¨ way but the trial will be back and probably even harder… when you live your passions and follow YOUR destiny, the things are flowing and your heart is calm. No need to fight for it! Think about the situations that make you feel calm and peaceful, that brings out your passion, your motivation… Find YOUR UPPER in life, find your destiny! And live it with PASSION!

The value of money and the way to get them?

There is another wrong myth built by the society – that the money is bad thing, bringing angry and envy to the society… And actually, it is not so at all! The anger and negative effects come from people and their way to use them, their way to control and get power! The money itself is just an exchange tool in order to get something that you need or want – it’s the real origin and value of it! There is nothing bad about it.

Why we talk about the money now? It’s because when you live your passion, you go the way, you listen to your heart, you do things from love and with love – the life starts bringing you the abundancy, the tool of exchange which is money in order for you to be able to enjoy the beauty and comfort of the life and do what you wish to do – travelling, nice place to live, car, clothes, restaurants… whatever it is, whatever you wish! Don’t be slave of the society premises, be the owner of your own dreams!

Isn’t it easy? Listen to your heart, trust the vibes and your inner sensations, go for your motivations! There can be no limits or standards, your heart is your guide, not the society! Find your UPPER and join our Uppers Society, became a flat ager – the age is just a number, it’s all about the passions!

The Uppers wishes you and amazing trip full of exciting experiences!