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80s style, leggings and raver sunglasses are back this spring!

22ºC in Madrid, 17º London, 18º Paris… The spring is in the air!!! It´s nature´s way to say ¨Let´s finish the winter sleep and party! Let´s fall in love…¨ Are you ready? The Uppers wants to accompany new in this amazing, beautiful and romantic season, and give you some tips how to look breath- taking, chic, stylish and trendy when falling in love and living all new exciting experiences…

Prepare for bolder prints, more frills, and some serious wardrobe disruption. While minimalism has ruled, 2017 is poised to bring some big change to our closets…

Super Stripes and New Shirting

In every color, shape, size, and form… Bold, bright, and brilliantly textured, spring’s stripes are a jolt of energy in a sea of classic Bretons.

Menswear is an eternal source of inspiration for womenswear designers and the men’s shirt took to the Spring/Summer 2017 runways with a nonchalant twist for the season.

’80s Glam

After seasons of the ’70s, we’ve finally moved onto another decade—the ’80s, with dramatic ruffles, puffed-up sleeves, and unapologetic glam vibes.

Bra Out

For those with ample confidence, there will be endless opportunities next spring to take the crop-top trend to its logical conclusion and skip the “top” part all together. Lingerie-like pieces were paired with evening skirts, cropped jeans, slinky suits…


Gone are the days when fitting all your essentials into a handbag seemed like a mission impossible, because the key bags of SS17 come in larger-than-life sizes

Shades of Blue

One of the easiest colors to wear was also one of the most popular across the board this season—which should come as some relief to those need a break from black and white but aren’t quite ready to heed designers’ calls for orange as a new neutral. From the palest seafoam to the richest cerulean, blues are a tune everyone can sing. At The Uppers, we do have a perfect piece in skyblue…

Art Decó Unisex silk scarf for both him and her:

And another beautiful piece for him – Blue Skies Cashmere scarf:

Leggings are back

Fashion reinvented sportswear basics as ready-to-wear, this season more than ever. Leggings made for super slim silhouettes on the runway…

Raver Sunglasses

The forthcoming season has a strong flair for rave parties, and these sunglasses fit perfectly within the theme. They come in all colors, shapes, forms, and sizes but have one thing in common: the ability to add a fun, over-the-top statement to any ensemble.

Skinny Scarves

When warm seasons roll in, scarves lose their initial warm-up purpose and come up just us accessorizing tools. Rocking this flirty spring/ summer 2017 accessory trend is easier than expected: just wrap it loosely and go with it day and night matched with any of your outfits. At The Uppers we have more than one option for this skinny scarf / chocker stylish detail:

It can even be used with a stylish golden ring in a complex:

Ready? Let´s go for it! Welcome spring, nice to see you again, all fresh and exciting